Stands for Wisdom, Activity, Novelty, Development, Imagination, eXploration.
Following these six principles, we have been growing steadily since 1989.

With years expertise in designs and product developments, we offer:
Quality products, Competitive prices, Comprehensive services.
New packaging materials and products are presented regularly.

WANDIX Packaging, Decorative materials & products

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) / PE (Poly Ethylene) Foam materials.

Zippy foam, 2-tone foam, Sticky foam, Marble foam, Wavy foam.
Pebble foam, Neon foam, Various textured foam, Thin foam.

Foam Materials for Packaging & Decorating :
Sound absorption, Electronic protective cushion, Thermal insulation.
Anti-static cushions, Devices and parts packaging, Expansion joints.
Automotive seating, Door panels, Medical products, Flotation devices.
Glass separators, Computer & peripherals, and Thermoforming projects.

Empty Plastic Containers for Packaging & Decorating.

Candy box, Candy bin, Rectangle Box, Square box, All-purpose case.
Brief case, Jumbo box, Purse to go, Sweet box, Stationery box.

For further product or material information, please contact us :

WANDIX International, Inc.
Attn: Product Development Department
17 DiCarolis Court, Hackensack, NJ 07601
TEL: (201) 498-1290
FAX: (201) 498-1298
e-mail: info@wandix.com
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