FOAM SHEETS for packaging

Realistic costume building, Architectural models, Arts and crafts, Medical supplies.
Health & beauty care, Apparel and notions, Party favors, Stationery, Office supplies.
Floor cushions, Knee pads, Photo frames, Door hangers, Exercising and Yoga mats.
Camping mats, Kick boards, Watercrafts, Surfboards, Fishing flies, Seat cushions.
Sunglasses, Visors, Clocks & watches, Suitcases, Key chains, Book covers, Lights.
Shipping cushions, Sound absorption and anti-static cushions, Thermal insulations.
Devices packaging, Expansion joints, Automotive seating, Glass separators, etc.

Original sheet size 39.37” x 78.74” ( 100cm x 200cm )
Minimum order quantities 10 ~ 20 Original sheets size, varies by project.

Thickness shown above is for demonstration only, not actual foam sheet size.

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